Wallet, Phone, and Keys

A friend of mine recently told me that he never forgets his wallet, phone, or keys in the morning. (I locked myself out of my apartment last night.) The reason? He sings “Wallet, Phone, and Keys,” to the tune of “Riders on the Storm:”

Wallet, phone, and keys
Wallet, phone, and keys
I do need all of these
So don’t forget them please

I did it this morning – worked like a charm. Plus, it’s fun. I don’t think I’ll forget again.

(It’s also fun to try to think of other songs that work – the first that came to mind was Cher’s “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves,” but I’ve also been singing it along to the beginning bars of “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath.)


2 Responses to Wallet, Phone, and Keys

  1. Sheryl says:


    Just visiting your blog..
    this works like a charm!! “Wallet, phone, keys!”

    thank you!!

    your blog is not boring 🙂

  2. Drella says:

    Hey thanks!

    In a lovely moment of irony, I forgot my keys when I left for work this very morning. I sang the song but neglected to double-check the pocket I was sure they were in.

    Guess I’ll have to come up with another verse for that…

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