What reality do you live in?

I work with the assumption that trying to redesign the world (or my little corner of it) for the better is always a good thing. Good design makes things easier! Good design makes things fun! Good design can save lives! And don’t get me wrong – I do believe all those things. I’m all for progress, I’m all for pleasure, I’m all for constantly striving to better the human condition. But does that mean things should never be messy, or chaotic. or even hostile sometimes? By categorizing, organizing, attempting to control every facet of our surroundings, do we lose something ‘real’? Isn’t it true that by negotiating places that haven’t been created specifically for us to experience, we are enriched? Isn’t it important for us to be challenged, confronted, humbled every now and again?

It is a noble human trait to encounter a problem and ask, ‘How can I make things better?” and set about doing it. But don’t you think there are cases where we should just step back and let things be?


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