Four Cool Sites

Some great sites I’ve run across over the last couple of weeks.

1)  – Find out how walkable different neighborhoods are – just type in an address, and it shows you bars/restaurants/stores/services/schools nearby.  It’s only as good as Google Maps, because that’s the data they use, but that’s pretty darn good. It seems as though it’s original purpose was to help folks scope out new neighborhoods for real estate purposes, but it’s great for finding local places where you already live (especially if you haven’t lived there for long), or for traveling (e.g. what’s near my hotel, or better yet, where should I stay?).

 2) Slidecast  – from Slideshare. As they say on the site: slideshare + podcast = slidecast. And it’s free.

 3) Songbird – desktop app that lets you play all your music and anything on the web. love the interface. love what it can do.

4) Hey – it’s that guy! I remember this site from a few years ago – it lists all those character actors you can’t quite remember (inspired by the late, great J.T. Walsh – aka Cigarette Man from the X-Files among other things).  After racking my brain yesterday to remember what it was called, I revisited it – there was a guy in front of us at the Steppenwolf the other day who we recognized from some TV show or other but couldn’t quite place. I never did find him on the site, because frustratingly it doesn’t have pictures, but I spent a couple of hours on it anyway -it’s just so darned entertaining.


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