I’m a User Experience Architect living in Chicago. I get excited by great design, great ideas, great people doing great things. I am thrilled when deserving people get recognition. I cry when game-show contestants win.

My plan is to collect remarkable things – things that capture my imagination, fuel my curiosity, and inspire my awe, in an attempt to capture them for myself before losing them to the vast Internet seas. My hope is that by jotting them down and rolling them around in my mind, new ideas will be formed, new patterns developed,  new inspirations found.


2 Responses to About

  1. dustin says:

    I like when Web sites have things that move a lot. The other day, I was on a Web site that sold tires and it had little tires rolling all over the site. They were fun to watch, bumping into each other and bouncing up and down. I can’t remember the Web site, but it’s on the internet.

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