Great Experience – Quicken Online

April 22, 2009

I was logged into my Quicken Online account earlier today, but then I got distracted by other things (as I am wont to do). When I returned, this message was waiting for me:

Quicken Online Session Timeout Message

Quicken Online Session Timeout Message

This is a great message, because it:

1) Tells me what happened,

2) tells me WHY it happened (a lot of people forget this part)

3) tells me what to do about it, and

4) tells me all of these things in a helpful, friendly tone.

So simple; so rarely done this well.  I’m not too surprised, because every Quicken product or service I’ve ever used has been great with the user experience. (I am guessing any of you out there who have used TurboTax recently would agree.)


Keepon Keepin’ On

August 17, 2007


Little Things – The Weather Word

December 29, 2006

I love the weather description the Chicago Sun-Times puts on the home page of its Web site each day. I prefer the Sun-Times over the Trib for many reasons, but the weather word is #1:

Sun-Times Weather

My favorite one I can remember was “GET BACK, JOJO,” which prompted a morning’s worth of unproductive e-mails with Beatles’ lyrics turned weather reports (“HEY JUNE,” “HAPPINESS IS A WARM SUN,” “LUCY IN THE SKY WITH A 30% CHANCE OF THUNDERSTORMS,” etc.)

Kudos to whoever (whomever?) decided to personalize the weather like that – it’s just one of those little things that adds a bit of sunshine to my day, even if it’s “STEELY” outside.