June 28, 2007

Hans Rosling’s Demo of Gapminder and Dollar Street at TED:

Watch. (28 minutes, but worth it to watch till the end.)

Experience: Trendalyzer and Dollar Street.


Man, I miss Sandra Day O’Connor

June 28, 2007

Anthony Kennedy = swing vote my ass.

Neat Bourdain Interview

June 18, 2007

Anthony Bourdain discusses his management style on Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge site. Man, I love that guy.

How far can we stretch this?

June 13, 2007

Personal [whatever] environments?

Broken Rule or Rule Meant to be Broken?

June 13, 2007

So, is horizontal scrolling on the Web an absolute no-no? Jakob Nielsen said so, but Apple’s not buying it – check out the discussion over at 37signals’ Signal vs. Noise blog about Cover Flow, Apple’s latest convention-challenging navigation scheme.

And I got a cicada, baby

June 7, 2007

Check it out – a collaborative cicada-spotting map!
Alright, I know I’m jumping on a bandwagon that’s been moving for quite a while, but I’ve been hoping to see cicadas for a couple of weeks now, and I finally saw my first one today. And my second. And my third fourth fifth sixth…nth. Unfortunately, the first one was on my windshield – I hit it as I was driving to work this morning. But, they are alive and everywhere here (in Lincolnshire), and they’re loud! I mean plane-taking-off loud.

I’m so excited I’m beside myself. I’ve seen them flying, I’ve seen them crawling. I’ve seen them on trees, in the grass, on windows, on the pavement. I’ve seen them squashed by tire tracks and feet. Best of all, I’ve seen them mating. (Go Brood XIII!)

I was walking from the parking lot to the building I’m working in, and there were three people stooping down to pick them up, examine them, talk about them. It’s fun to see adults acting like kids (i.e. thinking bugs are cool). What is it about cicadas that make them different from other bugs? Their novelty? The weirdness of their lifecycles? The fact that they’re so big you could probably put a leash on them? The fact that being so big and slow and stupid, it is much less likely that they’ll crawl in your ear or nose without you knowing? That they don’t bite? That they taste good?

Speaking of…do they really taste THAT good? The news is obsessed with showing people eating cicadas. And of course, for each story on the subject, whoever is reporting on other people eating cicadas inevitably has to eat one. I find that fascinating. I’ve picked them up, but I will not eat them. (“Oh, look – here are a bunch of bugs that only come out once every 17 years – let’s eat them!” just seems like a weird first instinct to have.)

As I was walking with a few people from one meeting to the next, one woman commented, ‘what’s the point? why do they even exist if they only live for a few weeks? what good do they do?’ Ahh, but they do so much. They overwhelm us with their life force. They pique our curiosity and imagination.  (I’m guessing they benefit our ecosystem somehow, too, but I don’t know how.) Ultimately, they boil it down to the essentials – you’re born. you mate. you die. All the rest is just fluff , isn’t it?

You have a perfectly good turn signal – now use it!

June 7, 2007

When we’re driving, I’m sure most of us share the same objective – to get from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible. So why oh why can’t you use your turn signals? Especially coming up to a busy intersection – You: in the left lane of a street with no specified left turn lane, planning to turn left. Me: Right behind you, now stuck until you are able to turn across multiple lanes of traffic, because you didn’t use your turn signal and it’s too late for me to go around you now.

Or how about when I’m riding my bike? Me: On my bike about to cross an intersection. You: Making a right turn in front of me without any warning. Arrgh!

Please be a good citizen and let me know if you’re going to turn. And here’s a bonus tip – it doesn’t help much if you signal at the EXACT moment you turn. The point of a turn signal is to let people know your intentions AHEAD OF TIME. I’m not a fast or impatient driver (or biker) – I just like to be able to predict where you’re headed so I can decide where I need to be.